What to eat for breakfast?

It’s so hard to get up in the morning, collect yourself in your head, and even more so to feed you with something. At the same time, the body requires new energy, and there is only time for something edible and fast.

Utopian eating should be made up of the right nutrients – proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Protein helps to maintain alertness and tone, carbohydrates energize and burn slowly, respectively, work longer, healthy fats provide strength and peace. And then, according to Ayurveda – the ancient science of health, everything that is eaten from morning to noon – burns the fire of digestion without harm to health and volumes. What to eat for breakfast for the good of the case and the body, which does not take up moral strength and time?

Protein shake – this kind of goodness can be purchased at health food or sports nutrition stores. Read the labels carefully and follow the instructions! It will be nice to add a mixture of crushed frozen fruits or berries to this drink – vitamins will not interfere.

Eggs – scrambled eggs, eggs, soft boiled and classic tough. You should not overcook and digest, there is no need for this high cholesterol and other severities. You should also note that many hotels make omelettes from egg powder for breakfast, so it is better to choose the natural option.

Almonds, walnuts and other nuts – there is something to do during breaks and breaks, they have so much protein, essential fat and other cool substances! It is good to combine such delicacies with raisins and honey. Just be careful not to get carried away so as not to overdo it with calories.

Peanut butter, the same Hollywood movie, is full of protein and fat. The taste is, of course, specific, but you can get used to it, and then it is convenient – quickly spread it, quickly ate it and is free.

Fruits and vegetables, what can you say – a dream! Of course, it is difficult to find them in their natural form without gas treatment and without chemicals, but you should not be lazy in search of the right carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. And then, they are so colorful, juicy and attractive, why deprive yourself of such pleasure. Do not be lazy, make a cut with you and in advance, gnaw from the heart – this will be a concern and joy, cannot be compared with fast food. And if you combine it with all sorts of cereals, cereals and omelets – no one will lure you into restaurants for lunches with the day before yesterday’s products.

Milk – skim or moderately fat, our ancestors did not refuse from it and raised virgin soil at all times. It contains carbohydrates, proteins and fats for you – a complete set.

Cereals are an affordable start to the day for all ages and walks of life. There are lots of carbohydrates! Choose cereals that are not completely processed, they still contain at least something from nature, let them cook for a long time, but you can learn time management. Soak in advance, sprout, boil or bake – to your imagination.

Butter – vegetable, butter, ghee, in small quantities. Vegetable, unfiltered oil contains minerals that prolong youth. Legends are made about ghee, it heals wounds, removes toxins and brings energy into balance.

And those who, by a miracle, still remained on this page, may ask a logical question – why dump the whipped truths? Yes, indeed, who will surprise you now with such info.

Think of it as a reminder. That you can start the morning with dignity and health. It will take more time, and then the question of what to spend time on is very relative. After all, it’s not difficult to make a list of products, think over a breakfast menu, collect boxes, they are now so hip, at the same time shock yourself, your family and work colleagues with your attitude to nutrition.

The need for nervous snacks on the road will disappear, the mood and outlook on many things will also change. In addition, having a good breakfast, you help your body not to throw any food rubbish into itself during the day, which means that you show love and care, and who else will take care of us as much as we ourselves.

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