Healthy breakfast against depression

Breakfast is very underestimated by many, and someone skips it altogether, but for many people it is almost the only chance to be alone with oneself. With all this, there are many opinions about exactly what a meal should be in the morning and whether it is needed at all.

Breakfast helps us to wake up completely, it starts the metabolism in the body, and if breakfast is correct, then it also cheers us up and saturates us with energy for the whole day.

According to nutritionists, the set of certain foods in the morning diet is not so important as their immediate balance. Carbohydrates are the energy that “revives” the body in the morning. Protein can make you feel full for most of the day. And of the fats, the most useful are the type of unsaturated fats that are absorbed by the body much faster (almonds, olive oil, avocados).

Those people who believe that it is coffee that “inspires” and awakens are greatly mistaken. Caffeine only pulls out the last reserves of energy in the body – only because of this it gives a feeling of vigor, which is quickly replaced by fatigue.

There are many recipes for a healthy and quick breakfast at the same time. For example, an omelet with vegetables. Where vegetables are cut into cubes. Oatmeal will also be tasty and healthy only if it is cooked correctly. Instant food will not work.

Products – antidepressants

Many are familiar with the state when nothing in life pleases, and a lot is simply tired and seems boring. In no case should you be in such a state of stress and depression for a long time, you need to get out of it faster. This can be helped by natural antidepressants – foods that have a beneficial effect on the human body by increasing the concentration of norepinephrine and serotonin – hormones of happiness that can influence mood and well-being.

The most famous antidepressant is chocolate. But only dark, tk. in white there is no theombrine – a substance that tones. Its greatest amount is in dark chocolate. The aroma of chocolate will pacify and relieve tension.

Almonds are also great for stress management. Like chocolate, almonds are high in magnesium, which significantly improves the functioning of the nervous system. And vitamin E neutralizes all free radicals that lead to stress.

Due to the content of vitamins D, PP, A, B2, B12, zinc, phosphorus and protein, seafood can contribute to an excellent antidepressant effect.

There are so many legends about the usefulness of broccoli, which contains a tremendous amount of vitamins and nutrients that will not only help improve mood, but will help the work of many other organs.

In addition, dairy products, bananas, meat, oatmeal and various berries are excellent antidepressants.

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