Foods that can replace antibiotics

You can often find claims that antibiotics can not only heal and benefit the body, but also have a negative effect on it.


  • become destruction to the kidneys,
  • can have a bad effect on the stomach,
  • gradually kill microflora,
  • damage vital organs.

Treatment of some symptoms can negatively affect the condition of other organs and cause various diseases.

Increasingly, doctors are prescribing antibiotics to help get rid of severe symptoms and cope with serious illnesses. But many people are trying to replace antibiotics with folk remedies that have an equally strong effect.

This material contains good products, the effect of which is similar to the work of antibiotics.

These natural remedies can be treated in different situations, try to match them to the general condition of the body.


The common spice cinnamon, which has a delicate and pleasant taste, can have a positive effect on the body. There are two types of cinnamon.

One is called Ceylon, and the other is Chinese.

The Ceylon species has a subtle aroma that may seem specific or slightly odd. This type is classified as a strong spice specially used in the treatment of various diseases.

  • Cinnamon is added to the treatment system for infections affecting the oral cavity – a person faces severe inflammation.
  • Cinnamon is classified as an expectorant; it is also used in the treatment of influenza.
  • This spice can relieve headaches, improve digestion , and increase appetite.
  • People who use cinnamon for treatment report lower blood pressure. They eat one teaspoon a day. Often it is divided into parts so that the reception is more pleasant and is normally tolerated by the body.


Turmeric has many positive properties for the body, it is often called a savior spice:

  • has antimicrobial properties,
  • can prevent the development of inflammation,
  • give the human body to get rid of the disease faster.

Most often, turmeric is added to special ointments or gels used to treat certain conditions.

  • This spice makes the walls of blood vessels much stronger, a person’s pressure gradually begins to normalize, and cholesterol levels quickly begin to decrease.
  • Turmeric can be a lifesaver for the liver, helping it return to good health.
  • It fights against inflammatory processes in this organ, helps to create the necessary protection of cells from external damage.


Cranberries can be added to special infusions, to make compotes, or simply to eat fresh, frozen berries.

  • The berry is a great option for treating colds or sore throats.
  • It helps fight scurvy, can have a positive effect on the bladder (the juice of this berry can stop bacteria from adhering to the walls, it removes them in the urine.
  • Cranberries are used in case of a lack of vitamins, they often weaken the manifestation of symptoms in rheumatism.
  • It will be useful for people with digestive problems, low acidity, glaucoma .

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