Family happiness recipe

As often happens, at the very beginning of a relationship between a man and a woman, there are many wonderful feelings, boundless understanding and absolute happiness. But time passes and everything changes. Someone has less time, someone more, but the development of events is very similar. Distance appears, distrust of each other, family quarrels become more frequent and the couple breaks up. Is this the only scenario possible? Or is there a chance to keep a bright feeling and build a strong family for years to come?

Everyone makes mistakes, we are all people with our own merits and demerits, ideas about the world and about “right” or “wrong” in it. But very often it seems to us that the problem is not in us, but in the other person. We get upset, angry, or offended by our partner, and conflict arises. And it doesn’t matter whether the problem grew into an obvious scandal with mutual reproaches, or it was quietly silenced and everyone remained unconvinced. The fact remains, over time, feelings do not remain the same.

The most important thing to understand in this situation is that we are the creators of our own happiness. Only in our hands is the opportunity to create such relationships as we want or destroy them. The main recipe for family happiness is to take responsibility for everything that happens between partners. It is the habit of expecting that the partner will behave somehow the way we want, and generates a lot of misunderstandings and reproaches. Trying to remake your partner is the most common mistake in a man’s relationship with a woman.

The most important task for everyone in a couple is to remember that you fell in love with this particular person, with all its pros and cons. Of course, we wish our loved ones only the best, and we want them to change for the better. But an attempt to accuse the other half of something is a reluctance to change oneself, in the first place. The world can only be changed by starting with oneself. Because in a conflict, we think that we are good, but he or she is bad. And to some extent it is pleasant that we are good, but for the sake of such momentary gain, we are losing something very valuable in our life. Therefore, you need to remember the main rule of a long and happy family life: do not expect a partner to meet some of our criteria and not blame him, but love, as he is. And remember that trying to change your soul mate is a reluctance to work on yourself.

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