Coffee: friend or foe to the body?

Coffee is one of the oldest and most popular drinks around the world. However, many controversies regarding its health benefits and harms are ongoing to this day. Someone cannot wake up without a cup of coffee and are a real coffee connoisseur, while someone actively agitates society towards rejecting it. So is coffee good or bad? Consider below.

Pros of coffee:

Coffee improves blood supply to all organs , thereby reducing the risk of gallstone disease with regular consumption;

Relieves asthma and allergic reactions;

Improves bowel function;

Able to prevent the appearance of caries;

Activates metabolism.

The composition of coffee contains about 30 substances that are beneficial to health: organic acids, vitamin P and others.

Caffeine is used for certain diseases of the central nervous system;

Coffee invigorates, tones, increases productivity and efficiency. This is why many of us prefer this drink in the morning ;

Coffee can be an excellent antidepressant. This is reflected in the content of the happiness hormone in caffeine, called serotonin by science. But do not overuse, one or two cups will be enough to reduce the possibility of depression and improve mood;

Coffee is used for spasms, drug and alcohol poisoning ;

Cons of coffee:

With excessive use , increased irritability and headaches may occur;

Too strong coffee can have a negative effect on the cardiovascular and central nervous systems;

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can lead to illness;

Coffee, by reducing drowsiness, can cause insomnia or aggravate it, if it is already there;

Coffee can be equated with a narcotic substance, because it is addictive and then addictive;

Many people are deeply mistaken when they say that coffee raises normal blood pressure. In fact, this is far from the case, and this phenomenon occurs only in shock and collaptoid situations. 


As you can see from the above facts, coffee is not as dangerous as it is said to be. Moreover, this product even has some beneficial properties. Of course, in everything you need to know when to stop, you do not need to get carried away with it too much. It is difficult to talk about the recommended number of cups of coffee per day, because the drink has an individual perception. Someone can safely consume up to five cups, but for someone it is better to completely exclude this product from the diet. So, for example, the use of coffee is contraindicated for hypertensive patients .

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