5 Psychologist Tips for a Happy Life

Everyone puts their own meaning into the concept of “happiness”. For some, good weather and blossoming lilacs are enough for happiness, while others do not feel happy even in the most prosperous circumstances. Let’s try to figure out how to live happily and enjoy life by studying 5 tips from a psychologist.

Live here and now

One of the basic rules of good mood and well-being is to consciously live in the moment. This means seeing and feeling all the details of what is happening around you right now, paying attention to even small nuances.

If you think about it, there are good reasons for this advice. In the moment, something really bad happens to a person rarely. Mostly negative experiences are associated with unpleasant events in the past or possible problems in the future, and sometimes with both in turn.

Continuing to worry about past troubles or fearfully looking into the future, a person does not live in the present moment, and there can be many reasons for joy in it. Of course, it is impossible not to think about past and forthcoming events at all, but it is entirely within your power to limit the time for such thoughts. Learn to stop yourself, switch to what is happening around right now, and enjoy it.

Set personal boundaries and protect them

Often a person cannot figure out how to start enjoying life due to excessive external influence. If you do not know how to say “no”, agree with any accusations against you, do not what you want, but what your parents advise, you gradually lose yourself. Lack of the habit of defending your personal boundaries is a decrease in self-esteem, which will become the main obstacle to happiness.

Remember that you have the right otkazyvatsya s in awkward requests, think not only of others but also about their desires, expect to be treated with respect. Look at situations in which you are not guided by your own principles and opinions. Talk about your desires out loud, calmly but persistently. Don’t try to be comfortable – it will play against you.

Don’t forget about yourself

Problems at work, family troubles, stressful situations – all of this definitely does not contribute to a feeling of happiness. Moreover, we simply stop taking time for ourselves, doing something, because we like it, it gives pleasure, and not out of necessity. Even if everything in life is going well, it is unlikely that a tired, sleepy person will be able to feel true joy.

The easiest way to find time for yourself is to choose a favorite activity that gives you real pleasure and include it in your schedule. Let it be half an hour a day or even several days. The main thing is to please yourself regularly . And it doesn’t matter if you choose yoga or a TV show, the only criterion is your own pleasant sensations, the understanding that you are doing what you really want. 

Look for the positive

A long and happy life does not consist of any specific events, but of their feelings. It is much easier for optimists to be happy, because they know exactly how to enjoy life in any of its manifestations. Their secret is not luck, but a positive outlook on any things.

There is something positive in every situation, but not everyone has the habit of looking for the positive . It is much easier to concentrate on your failures, constantly replay them in your head and convince yourself that it is certainly easier for others.

Learn to appreciate all the good things that happen in your life. And try to perceive problems as a source of useful experience. There is even a saying: “There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.” If you consider only the negative side of events, you risk not noticing that very happiness.

Enjoy your successes (even small ones)

For many people who are dissatisfied with their own lives, a psychologist gives a simple advice: to find sources of negative experiences. If this is low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, it is worth trying to write down 3-5 successfully completed cases every day. Even if it is a trifle, over time you will get used to positively assess the results of your activities, you will be able to learn to enjoy them.

But what you should never do is think badly of yourself and scold yourself. “You can’t praise yourself …” – remember? So try to compliment yourself, because there are probably reasons for this. And this is already a reason to enjoy life and feel like a happy person.

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